Tuesday, May 22, 2007

2007 State Convention Resolutions as Adopted


Adopted by the Delegates of the

PREAMBLE: As delegates we believe that the Oklahoma Democratic Party is a party of inclusion that welcomes people with differing opinions on issues confronting our democracy as we work together to find solutions. We believe in shared rights and responsibilities. We, the delegates of the Oklahoma Democratic Party 2007 State Convention, adopt these resolutions to further the mission of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, which is to elect Democrats. We, the delegates, hereby assert that the following issues comprise the heart and soul of what we believe as Democrats at it relates to the following topics:
• Education
• Health Care
• Rights
• Jobs
• Environment
• Water Resources
• Transportation
• Federal Issues
We, the delegates to the Oklahoma Democratic Party 2007 State Convention, believe that all persons should be given an opportunity to fulfill their dreams in an open and fair democratic society. We believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the amendments to the Constitution and will fight to safeguard the constitutional rights of all Americans.
In order to ensure that all Americans are guaranteed their fundamental rights, we present the following statements of beliefs and principles of the Oklahoma Democratic Party.
Therefore, we adopt the Articles of Resolution contained herein as a strong statement of our hopes and our unswerving dedication to create a brighter future for the people of Oklahoma.



We support access to public education for all the children of Oklahoma--regardless of ability, creed, financial means, gender, language, national origin, race, or sexual orientation.

We support permanent funding of the Oklahoma Teacher Retirement System (OTRS) and cost of living increases for retired educators consistent with the Consumer Price Index-Urban (CPIU).

We believe that raising the pay of public school teachers and support personnel to no less than the average of the contiguous states (including accompanying benefits) should be a state government funding priority.

We shall work to repeal and prevent the passage of unfunded state or Federal mandates in education, such as the “No Child Left Behind Act.”

We oppose vouchers regardless of descriptors that would divert resources committed to public schools to private institutions.

We oppose the forced consolidation of rural public schools.

We believe that early childhood learning, special education, and instruction in arts, music, foreign languages and physical education should be accessible to every public school student in Oklahoma and should be fully funded by state government and local school boards.

We support a safe and healthy school environment, including healthy nutritional policies and plans to encourage healthy lifestyles for all Oklahoma school students.

We support vocational education offered at public technology centers, every effort to bring distance learning to isolated Oklahoma communities, and every effort to provide all Oklahomans with the educational tools necessary to participate in the global marketplace.

We support the Oklahoma Higher Learning Assistance Program (OHLAP) in its current form and its continued funding by state government.

We support increased state funding for higher education--targeted at the creation of sufficient salary and benefit levels to attract and retain high quality faculty, support personnel and academic programs.


We support equal availability and access to a universal, comprehensive and affordable physical and mental health care system for all Oklahomans with government assistance for those who could not otherwise afford it. This would include, but not be limited to substance abuse treatment, preventative care and prescription medication.

We support government-funded programs to provide adequate assistance to indigent and/or mentally impaired citizens.

We support fully funded programs to ensure quality health care and
rehabilitative services for all veterans and their families.

We support the issuance of vouchers from the Veterans Administration to veterans for use of locally available medical care.

We support the repeal of the portions of the Medicare Reform Act that disallow Medicare from bargaining with pharmaceutical companies for discounted prescription drugs for senior citizens.

We oppose any governmental subsidies to pharmaceutical companies in the guise of prescription medical benefits.

We support creating a policy for the re-importation of affordable, medically safe prescription drugs.

We support a requirement that businesses have clearly written and easily understood policy statements about medical insurance benefits and honor their medical insurance commitment to retirees.

We support government funded embryonic stem cell research.

We support government funding of impartial education and information concerning human sexuality including reproductive health care, sexual responsibility and prevention of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

We support a woman’s unhindered right and ability to decide upon and have access to her own health care, including reproductive care; furthermore, the government has no place asserting control over health care decisions made by a competent adult.

Because contraception is legal and pharmacists and medical providers are licensed by the state of Oklahoma, we oppose conscience clauses by pharmacists and medical providers.
We oppose the intrusion of the government into personal health care decisions involving end of life issues.

We support a statewide vote to decide the issue of the use of medical marijuana for patients when prescribed by a licensed physician.

We support incentives to encourage physicians to establish practices in rural communities and small towns.

We support educational requirements of all public health care providers who offer care to seniors to ensure only qualified personnel serve in these positions.

We support full deductibility of health insurance premiums by all taxpayers, including those who do not itemize.

We support the right of individuals to choose their own medical provider.

We support efforts to bring Oklahoma up to the top five in the country in child abuse prevention.


The Democratic Party guiding principle in economic development is not just jobs but quality jobs with healthcare benefits, worker rights and employment security.

Benefits and Rights of Oklahoma Working People and Small Business Owners
We recognize working people to be wage-earning men and women as well as small business owners, family farmers, the self employed and all other citizens who labor to provide for themselves, their families and their communities.

We stand in full support of economic freedom for all working people including secure jobs and businesses in a global economy. We support providing and protecting market access for business and jobs of all working people.

We believe fraud and abuse has been perpetrated by mega-corporations to the enormous disadvantage of working men and women. Therefore we strongly advocate and support legislation to strengthen controls and to increase penalties for businesses that violate the public trust.

We support efforts to raise the standard of living for low wage workers through legislation to make “work pay” in Oklahoma by increasing the state minimum wage to a livable wage. Putting decent wages in the hands of those who need money is a far surer way to boost economy than giving tax breaks to the wealthy. Since one-third of American workers earn wages that cannot support a family above the official poverty line, we urge the Oklahoma Legislature to follow the lead of 12 other states that in the ten years since the last time Congress increased the minimum wage have established higher minimum wages than the federal level.

We demand that employers respect their employees’ right to form a union, to remain neutral during union organizing campaigns, to recognize a union voluntarily when a majority of their employees choose to form a union, and to bargain in good faith and reach an agreement.

We strongly support the Municipal Collective Bargaining Act and Employee Free Choice Act and express our unswerving devotion to labor organizations and workers’ rights.

We support legislation to ensure the right to bargain collectively of state, county and municipal employees.

We hereby assert our strong support for the Davis/Bacon Act (prevailing wage law) to ensure continued safety and to assure that skilled workers accomplish work on public projects.

We call upon Congress to restore small business programs cuts and others threatened by termination.

We support programs and policies to provide health care for owners and employees of small businesses, as well as big businesses.

We support training and programs that will help people to learn new skills when layoffs have taken away their means of making a living for themselves and their families.

We oppose any attempt by government to force acceptance of time in place of overtime pay.

We support economic development policies that promote the independent initiative of small businesses that will create jobs, goods, and services for people, including the promotion and expansion of locally owned technology businesses.

We shall continue to expose the fallacy of “right-to-work” by educating citizens about the truth behind the deceptive “right-to-work,” which has depressed the earning potential for all working people, whether working for themselves or others. We call for repeal of the so called “right-to-work” statute.

We oppose any state or national legislation which would limit compensation for damage done or infringe upon a jury’s ability to award damages to the injured party as the jury sees fit.

We condemn any erosion of legal remedies traditionally available to the average citizen.

We oppose so-called “tort” reforms that would threaten the rights of Americans to redress for physical and economic damage done by others, and would undermine the appropriate functioning of the jury system.

We support revisions of the worker’s compensation program that are fair for both employers and employees with emphasis on small business and employees.

We restate, again, support for the restoration of the right of injured Oklahomans to choose their own doctor.

Worker Security and Quality Jobs

Corporations move operations freely around the world and escape tough pollution controls, labor standards and responsibility for social and environmental needs. Corporations have outsourced an alarming and growing number of American jobs overseas, enhancing profits for these companies at the expense of U.S. workers. Flawed global trade policies have cost the U.S. millions of manufacturing jobs since 1994. Within the next ten years advances in technology and communications will expose additional U.S. professional service jobs to the off-shore threat. Therefore, we support federal legislation that protects jobs from being moved overseas, allowing federal dollars to benefit the states rather then the off-shoring corporations. We support increased import tariffs to protect American jobs.


The Oklahoma Democratic Party is committed to respect and protect the personal religious faiths or beliefs of every individual, and to protect individual human rights and civil liberties.

We specifically support the Oklahoma Constitution, “Section 11-5 Public money or property — Use for sectarian purposes, No public money or property shall ever be appropriated, donated or used, directly or indirectly, for the use, benefit, or support of any sect, church, denomination, or system of religion, or for the use, benefit, or support of any priest, preacher, minister or other religious teacher or dignitary, or sectarian institution as such.”

We oppose barriers to voting that would require Oklahoma voters to purchase photo identification to exercise their constitutional right. Such barriers particularly disenfranchise the poor and elderly and amount to little more than a modern-day poll tax.

We support the creation of an independent redistricting commission. The commission would draw competitive, compact districts that respect historical districts and communities of interests.

We oppose any amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America that would alter the precedence of neutrality of government or diminish the right of the individual to the free expression and choice of religious belief.

We oppose the introduction of any religious dogmas, including “creationism” or “intelligent design”, which have no scientific basis, into science courses of public schools.
We oppose the insertion of disclaimer statements about evolution into any textbooks.
Human and Civil Rights

The Democratic Party of Oklahoma respects and upholds the civil, human and equal rights of every person.

Oklahoma Democrats celebrate diversity among people and recognize the inherent dignity and value of each person and believe that no person should live in fear or threat of violence because of any characteristic, affiliation, or sexual orientation.

We affirm the role of government at all levels in providing education and protection of the basic civil and human rights of every person regardless of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, age, gender, gender identity, sexual nature or orientation, religion, creed, disability, employment, civil service or political affiliation, any of which may be actual or perceived.

We support legislation that would allow establishment of civil unions permitting the legal designation of next of kin and affording civil rights accordingly regardless of gender.

We believe that women should be guaranteed the rights of other citizens of our nation. Thus we believe that an Equal Rights Amendment to the Oklahoma and United States Constitution is called for to ensure these rights are guaranteed.

We support Affirmative Action as a program that has worked well to seek constructive solutions to the problems which bring about the need for continuing affirmative action and which have continued to promote diversity, prevent ongoing discrimination and remedy past discrimination.
We support the recognition of the economically disadvantaged as an additional group worth consideration for affirmative action discrimination.

Housing forms an indispensable part of ensuring human dignity, security and protection from inclement weather, as well as a place where important relationships are forged and nurtured. Therefore, we support the right of every individual to have affordable and acceptable housing and support the enforcement of the Oklahoma Anti-Discrimination Act which prohibits discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodation.

We respect and recognize the tribal sovereignty of Native Americans and support all efforts to advance and cherish Native America cultural heritage with the honor and dignity that accompany it. We support full compliance with existing treaties and autonomy in decision making.

Reproductive Rights

The Oklahoma Democratic Party supports the reproductive freedom of every woman, which means that every woman has the right to decide for herself when to bear children, and commits to the correction of economic and social factors that contribute to unintended pregnancies.

We support all people having full access to and information concerning:
1. Reproductive health care
2. Human sexuality
3. Birth control
4. Reliable means of pregnancy prevention
5. The termination of an unintended pregnancy
6. Alternatives to termination of pregnancy
7. Programs for both males and females designed to educate and instill
reproductive responsibility.



The Democratic Party believes that every person has the right to a safe and healthy environment and a responsibility to ensure the same for future generations.

We believe that a clean environment is essential for the productivity and health of our citizenry.

We oppose the Bush administration’s blatant attacks on our national compact on environmental progress and oppose turning the clock back a full century to a polluted and unhealthy environment.

We are committed to the principles of and support for the Clean Water, Safe Drinking Water, and Clean Air Acts.

We support permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Act and other programs that protect the health and safety of all Americans while demanding full accountability of polluters.

Corporate controlled large-scale confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are responsible for staggering amounts of animal wastes that leak into our rivers and streams, contaminating our drinking water, and fouling our air. We demand that the EPA, the State Department of Agriculture and the Governor of the State of Oklahoma fully enforce the Federal Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act and state law.

We demand regular inspections of these confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and meaningful penalties for violations.

We demand the adequate funding of agencies that regulate these operations.

We support the family farms approach to food production believing that this is a more sustainable system.

We support federal farm legislation which promotes and grants incentives for locally organic produced food and regional sustainable agriculture.

We support wetlands which protect us in many ways by filtering pollutants from our drinking water, protect our homes by storing flood water and provide homes for fish, shell fish and wildlife.

We support restoration and protection of wetlands across America while emphasizing the understanding of wetlands as vital natural protection of our water quality.

We acknowledge the overwhelming scientific consensus that humans are changing the Earth’s climate, most recently noted in the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which stated with ninety percent certainty that human activities are contributing to global warming. So that future generations may inherit a habitable planet, we call for all responsible citizens and governments at all levels to take actions now to reduce greenhouse gases by quantifiable amounts over the next five (5) years by enacting legislation to increase energy efficiency, developing alternative energy sources, and to promoting sustainable development.

We support revisiting the Kyoto Treaty and employing technical information developed since its adoption by the World Community. We support work to increase the effectiveness of this protocol to further prevent global warming.

We oppose any legislation, such as the “Clear Sky Initiative”, that weakens the provisions of the Clean Air Act. This legislation if fully implemented will result in an overall increase in mercury emissions at 128 major power plants, resulting in the largest source of mercury emission in the country putting the health of fetuses and children in grave danger, as well as endangering the health of men and women.

We support a common-sense approach to achieve energy independence and a sustainable economy by adopting an energy policy based on efficiency, conservation and development of renewable sources.

We condemn the ‘drill first” energy policy espoused by President George W. Bush and his administration. In particular we oppose administration plans to drill in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge, designated wilderness areas, national parks, national monuments and other sensitive public lands. We call for an end to suburban sprawl which results in degradation and pollution of our environment, a serious loss of prime farmland, open space and wetlands, increased flooding, degradation of wildlife habitat, inefficient use of resources, traffic congestion and which creates demand for ineffective and costly remedies.

We oppose state privilege/immunity statutes that allow secret internal environmental audits providing blanket immunity for environmental crimes, allowing corporate polluters to hide civil and criminal misconduct. Such statutes allow corporations to poison water supplies and foul rivers, lakes, streams and wildlife.

We support strong environmental programs including but not limited to environmental justice, safe and clean renewable energy from the sun and wind, energy conservation, recycling programs, sustainable consumption and alternative modes of transportation.

We support the Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative to initiate and strengthen opportunities for long-term economic benefits from wind power in the state.



The Oklahoma Democratic Party recognizes that water is a basic necessity for life and is our most important natural resource. The waters of Oklahoma are an essential part of the well-being of its citizens and play an indispensable role in the health of Oklahoma’s economy and environment. The water laws of the state need to be studied and revised and steps taken to ensure that our waters remain drinkable and sufficient for future generations.
We oppose the takeover of this vital resource by private interests. The lifeblood of our communities should not be for sale.

Clean and abundant water supplies are crucial for quality of life, commerce and industry and are a necessity for the very lives of humans and other living things. We support conservation of and incentives to encourage conservation of Oklahoma’s water resources and gray water collection systems for non-potable water uses.

We support protection and utilization of Oklahoma’s water in local communities and oppose plans to pump and transport local groundwater supplies to distant communities.We oppose plans to sell water to out-of-state interests and oppose the use of imminent domain to force the sale of Oklahoma water pending the finalization of the legislatively mandated study on water availability and sales.

We support and commend the valiant efforts of Attorney General Drew Edmondson to hold out-of-state poultry corporations responsible for the pollution caused by their operations and oppose all attempts, whether administrative or otherwise, to weaken or diminish required controls for the safe disposal of animal wastes.

We support family farmers, oppose proliferation of giant corporate hog and chicken factories in Oklahoma; and support restoration of the state prohibition of corporate farming.



The need for public transportation for our seniors, the working poor and the disabled is essential for maintaining quality of life including access to healthcare and job opportunities.

We support an intermodal transportation system for the movement of people and goods in a more efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

We encourage the continuation and expansion of mass transit and private transportation pools in rural and urban Oklahoma.

We realize that the effect of gasoline consumption is one of the largest components of the triggers of global warning and thus urge immediate attention to decreasing these triggers.
We support the revitalization of mass transit in the United States and encourage the subsidy of mass transit to be the same as the subsidy of roadways from sources other than fuel tax.
We support the preservation of the state’s unique railway network and last grand urban rail passenger yard in the West. The publicly owned Union Station and associated rail yard connects every corner of our state and is essential to the revival of any cost effective and reasonably safe, convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly freight and passenger rail transit system in Oklahoma. The 4 mile section of 1-40 throughway plans will effectively foreclose its usefulness as a rail hub for Oklahoma. We urge Governor Brad Henry to declare a moratorium on the project and appoint a special Commission to review this decision and consider alternatives that would preserve the Union rail yard before any more public money is spent on this project.



The Oklahoma Democratic Party believes that the United States should promote strong, yet amicable relations with other countries of the world in order to promote stability and peace. Where appropriate the use of diplomacy and other non-violent means should come first before military action.

We strongly support the men and women of America’s Armed Forces, both past and present, and specifically demand that our government provide our military serving in Iraq and elsewhere with all necessary supplies and logistical materials to assure as much as possible their safety and success. Therefore our troops should not be deployed without proper equipment and training.

We support development and execution of a plan to begin the reduction of US Armed Forces in Iraq and the withdrawal of US forces at the earliest possible time.

We support negotiations between Iraq’s leadership, neighbors, the United Nations, the European Union, and the Arab League to create an international peacekeeping force in Iraq.

We demand accurate and honest regulation of contracts awarded to companies working in Iraq and redress for the fraud and inefficiencies that have occurred during the Iraq war.
We acknowledge that the United States of America is the world’s only superpower. This nation should remain a fully committed member of the United Nations and all current defense alliances including NATO and be respectful of the rights, sovereignty, independence, and political choices of other countries.

We believe that nuclear proliferation is an extreme and imminent danger to both the environment and to human health and peace of mind, and we believe that the nuclear arms race is counter-productive to world peace. Therefore, we call for an end to nuclear proliferation, and urge all elected officials to actively support and comply with previously agreed-to non-proliferation treaties. We further condemn the use of depleted uranium in munitions.

We urge Congress to carefully consider and view with suspicion the Bush administration’s efforts to build a case for hostilities with Iran and to prohibit the Bush administration from attacking Iran without a decision by the Congress. The actions of the Bush Administration in prosecuting the War in Iraq and in prosecuting the War on Terror have made our nation less safe, have actually served to create more terrorists and have done great harm to the image of our nation.


The Oklahoma Democratic Party commits itself to the promises made to our service members and veterans, to include support for:

Military service pay adequate to support service members and their families, to include cost of living increases.

Family health benefits for all reserve and National Guard military personnel called to active duty.

Full control of the National Guard to revert to the states’ governors, as it existed in 2001.
Enhanced specialized treatment and psychological/medical research for conditions including, but not limited to, mental illness, disabilities caused by injury, and chemical, biological, and radiological related conditions.

We support an investigation by the United States House of Representatives that will in our opinion lead to the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.


The Oklahoma Democratic Party expresses its strong support for the freedoms guaranteed to all Americans by the provisions of the United States Constitution and subsequent court rulings based on those provisions, and will oppose all efforts to restrict or reduce those freedoms.
The U. S. Congress, in its zeal to prevent further terrorism after 9/11 enacted the “Patriot Act”. Certain provisions of the act have led to serious violations of constitutional rights and injustices carried out against innocent people by government agencies. These egregious actions have not made us more secure.

The Oklahoma Democratic Party condemns this reckless abrogation of constitutional rights.
Given the damage the USA Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act of 2006 has done to our democracy and the future damage that may be done, the Democratic Party of Oklahoma supports repeal of the USA Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act of 2006. We condemn all acts of terrorism and call for our government to immediately institute measures to provide security for our nation while upholding all provisions of the United States Constitution.

We support the immediate institution of measures to secure our ports, including inspection and tracking systems for all shipping containers entering US ports.

We strongly and unequivocally deplore the use of torture for any purpose in that it is inconsistent with the principles and values of this nation and further condemn the practice of “extraordinary rendition” which results in political prisoners being sent to foreign countries for the purpose of torture.


The Democratic Party will fight against the threat posed by mega-enterprises and corporations and we promote democratically governed market economies. Even though not mentioned in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, giant corporations often rule our democracy. When corporations govern, there is little democracy. When we live in a culture defined by corporate values, common sense erodes.

We oppose corporate welfare to mega-corporations to the disadvantage of smaller companies.


The Oklahoma Democratic Party believes that democracy can not succeed without an informed citizenry or the active participation of informed voters. Most citizens rely on print and broadcast media for the information they require to make their decisions, and they deserve to have full access to accurate reporting along with genuine discussion of issues that clearly presents diverse points of view. The media has been subverted from its true purpose of informing with clarity, accuracy and fairness by the effects of deregulation and by the destruction of the Fairness Doctrine. Therefore, in order to fairly educate the public, to win support for the party’s positions and elect candidates the Democratic Party must:

1. Work to reinstate protection of fairness in the media through federal regulations such as those known as the Fairness Doctrine, which was adopted in 1949 by the FCC but removed in 1989. Such regulations would, for example, insure that equal time be provided to all candidates running for office and attenuate the controlling power of wealth.
2. Urge that the restrictions on the number of media outlets owned by a single individual, corporation, or entity be reinstated so that credibility, fairness and relevance are not stifled by the power of wealth to control the public right to know.
3. Congress and the FCC should prevent the federal administration and other public entities from using public funds to pay for editorial comments or advertising to promote partisan political agendas.

Cognizant that the internet is becoming a major source of news and information as well as a source of many other benefits to millions of users every day, we oppose any governmental effort to regulate the Internet except for any illegal activities, including those that might precede the posting of materials such as child pornography, or the illegal use of copyrighted materials.
We further believe that the meaning of the constitutional right to peaceably assemble should be extended by statute to include the right to virtually assemble through the Internet and the use of emails.

We support the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the contribution it makes to our lives and political understanding.


The Oklahoma Democratic Party calls for an end to predatory lending practices which promote a hopeless cycle of debt, bankruptcy, divorce and a decrease in personal savings.
We support legislation at the state and national levels to oversee and eliminate predatory lending practices, to punish companies that create unfair and deceptive lending practices and to make it easier for consumers to challenge these practices in state and federal courts in both individual and class actions.


Social Security is the primary source of retirement for many older Americans and provides a stable income base for over 46 million Americans of all ages. It is the backbone of retirement and family protection in the United States, enabling vast numbers of senior citizens, persons with disabilities and survivors to live independently.

The Oklahoma Democratic Party supports strengthening and extending Social Security without privatization. We strongly support this safety net which must not be compromised.
Social Security is in no immediate danger of going “broke.” Due to advanced planning, the Social Security Trust Funds have over $1.5 trillion in U. S. Treasury bonds that earn interest every year. Without any changes, Social Security will be able to pay 100% of benefits well into the 2040s.

We support legislation that allows the states and the federal government to negotiate the lowest price for prescription drugs.
We continue to support full funding for existing means-tested assistance programs for children, families, veterans, people with disabilities, and the elderly that helps maintain quality of life for these groups.

The Oklahoma Democratic Party believes that all citizens and corporations have the obligation to pay a fair share of taxes to support government at all levels.
We believe that government cannot provide needed services to constituents without a fair and just flow of revenues into its treasuries.
We believe it is morally wrong to reduce taxes on current upper income taxpayers, especially as political favors, and place the burden of paying increased government debts on future generations and those least able to pay.
We believe that the Bush tax cuts should be repealed, and our national budget should be returned to fiscal sanity.

Not withstanding the recent action by the Oklahoma Legislature, the controversial, complex and sensitive issue of immigration is and has been primarily a federal responsibility. Therefore, we urge the United States Congress to accept its statutory duties as the only governmental body with lawmaking powers over all fifty states and address this challenge head on. Safety and security ramifications for all must be the initial focal points of hoped for Congressional action. A patchwork of state laws, some constitutional, some not, some broad in scope, others narrow, are nothing more than an accumulation of “feel good” initiatives that are guaranteed to do more harm than good in a civil, free and fair society.

We call for a uniform voting system across this nation that uses foolproof voting machines with a paper ballot that assures the integrity of the electoral process.

We support our current voting system of optical scan machines with a paper ballot in every precinct and we suggest that all states adopt the same system.

Adopted by the 2007 Democratic Party State Convention Delegates on May 19, 2007.

[Thank you to the members of the 2007 State Convention Resolutions Committee nominated and approved by the Oklahoma Democratic Party State Central Committee.
Senator Cal Hobson, Chairman
Members: Demetrius Bereolos, Christie Breedlove, James Nimmo, Jimmy Davis, Elaine Dodd, Carl Downing, Don Faulkner, Pat Frank, Hugh Graham, Martha Hardwick, Kathy Huston, Cheno Kennedy, Rep. Ryan Kiesel, Rep. Ryan McMullen, Sen. Paul Muegge,, Kathy North, Karen Parsons, Ed Romo, Sandra Rose, Carol Ruth, and Billye Van Schuyver.

Thanks also to each of the five Congressional District Resolutions Committee Chairs: Demetrius Bereolos CD1, Jeff Potts CD2, Paul Muegge CD3, Eric Hermansen CD4, and Chris Heldenbrand CD5.]

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

State Convention Rules

The Rules Committee approved the following rules for the 2007 State Convention.



The following rules shall govern the proceedings of the Oklahoma Democratic Party State Convention to be held the 19th and 20th of May, 2007.


Call to Order and Welcome
Pledge of Allegiance/National Anthem
Reading of Preamble of the Constitution of the Oklahoma Democratic Party
Recognition of Democratic Elected Officials
Keynote Address
Comments from the Chair
Treasurer’s Report
Report of the Credentials Committee
Report of the Rules Committee
Election of Officers
Report of the Resolutions Committee
Consideration of Resolutions
Additional Business


The purpose of this meeting is to elect for a two-year term of office a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, and to elect the four State Affirmative Action Committee members (two men and two women); to consider proposed amendments to the Oklahoma Democratic Party Constitution and Bylaws; to consider resolutions, and such other business as may come before the Convention.


The reports of the Convention’s standing committees shall be adopted by a majority vote of the voting members of the State Convention present and voting. The adoption of the Credential and Rules Committees’ reports shall mean that the State Convention has accepted the Committees’ reports, seated the credentialed members of the State Convention and adopted the proposed rules, respectively. Adoption of the Resolutions Committee Report shall only mean that the State Convention has accepted the Committee’s report, but shall not mean the adoption of any of the resolutions recommended by the committee.


Twenty-five percent (25%) or more of the members of any of the Convention’s standing committees may submit a minority report to the State Convention following the report of the respective committee before any vote is taken on the committee’s report.


Following the adoption of the report of the Resolutions Committee, a member of the committee shall move the adoption of all the resolutions recommended by the Resolutions Committee en masse. Any member of the Convention may then move to remove a resolution from the masse so that it may be considered individually and the remaining resolutions en masse. Any such motion to remove and separately consider a resolution shall require a second and a majority vote to be approved.


Any resolution not recommended for adoption by the Resolutions Committee may be moved by any delegate of the body if the resolution is submitted in writing to the presiding officer at or before the time the motion is made, accompanied by a petition of support signed by at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the credentialed delegates of the Convention.


Any resolution may be amended by a delegate moving such an amendment, provided that the amendment is submitted in writing to the presiding officer at or before the time the motion is made, accompanied by a petition of support signed by at least twenty=five percent (25%) of the credentialed delegates of the Convention.


A. Resolutions – Debate on the merits of any resolution shall be limited to three (3) minutes for each side, for a total of six (6) minutes. The presiding officer shall reserve one minute of the three minutes allotted to the side favoring a resolution from the floor which shall be granted to the author of the resolution to speak last.
B. Motions – Debate on any motion, including motions regarding resolutions, shall be limited to two (2) minutes for each side, for a total of four (4) minutes.


A. Procedure – Voting shall be by voice vote except as otherwise provided. However, if a credentialed delegate moves for a “division of the assembly” and the motion is seconded, the chair shall proceed to a counted vote of those delegates displaying their credentials, either by a show of hands or by having the delegates stand.
B. Roll Call Vote – Except when mandatory for elections a motion for a roll call vote shall require a second and shall be adopted upon a majority vote of those credentialed delegates present and voting.


A. Nominations – Nominations shall not be closed by a vote of the convention, but shall continue until there are not further nominations as determined by the presiding officer.
B. Speeches – Following the close of nominations each candidate in a contested election shall be allowed one nominating speech of not more than two (2) minutes, one seconding speech of not more than one (1) minutes and a speech by the candidate of not more than two (2) minutes. Speaking order shall be in the order in which the nominations were made. Nominating speeches for all candidates shall be given first, then seconding speeches for all candidates, and finally, all candidate speeches, after which the election shall be held.
C. Voting – Upon the adoption of such a motion, the Secretary of the Convention shall call for the vote of the delegates of each county by stating the number of duly credentialed delegates from that county according to the latest adopted credentials committee report, to which the County Chair shall reply with the number of votes cast by the delegates from that county for each side of the issue, or for each candidate in the case of elections. After the Secretary of the Convention has called all the counties he/she shall tally the results and report them to the presiding officer who shall announce the results and declare the outcome of the vote.


A. Credentialed members shall be seated separately from all other individuals present at the Convention.
B. Following candidate speeches the doors of the convention shall be closed and no one shall be allowed to enter until the election is concluded. During the vote counting, no one will be allowed to move about the floor except for those persons assigned to count votes.


The Chair may recognize individuals without credentials to address the Convention which privilege may include the giving of nominating and seconding speeches.


A quorum for State Convention shall be forty (40) percent of its delegates. Ex-officio members shall not be counted in determining if a quorum is present.


A. Constitution – Amendments to the Constitution shall require the affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present and voting at a regularly called meeting of the State Convention.
B. Bylaws – Amendments to the Bylaws shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of the members present and voting at a regularly called meeting of the State Convention.
C. Amendments 0 A proposed amendment of the Constitution or the Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the members of the State Convention present and voting. Amendments made from the floor must be reasonably related and germane to the subject matter of the section sought to be amended.


After these rules have been adopted, only a motion to suspend the rules may change them. Such a motion shall specifically state the rule to be changed, the new working and duration of the change. It shall require a second and a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of those in attendance. However, rules of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Oklahoma Democratic Party may not be suspended.

SOLD OUT!!!! The 2007 Activists Awards Hall of Fame Dinner is sold out. Thanks to all ofour sponsors and individuals who bought tickets for this event.

Tickets are available through Wednesday for the 2007 State Convention breakfast and lunch. Please call 405.427.3366 today to reserve your tickets.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Activists Hall of Fame Dinner

Tickets are still available for the 2007 Activists Hall of Fame Dinner.

The menu features:

Baby Spinach Salad with Sliced Egg, Red Onion Rings, Black Olives, Oven Roasted Tomatoes and Sun-dried Tomato Vinaigrette

Mixed Grille of PEtite Filet MIgnon with garlic and Port reduction
Potato and Herb crusted Breast of Chicken with Champagne Cream Sauce

Freshly Baked Dinner Rolls and Butter
Coffee, tea and water

Chocolate Lovin' Spoon Cake
Creme Brulee Cheesecake

Call today to reserve your ticket or to secure a table sponsorship, 405.427.3366.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Activists Hall of Fame Nominations Due Tomorrow

Please fax your nominations for the Activists Hall of Fame Award to 405.427.1310 by 5 p.m. tomorrow, Friday, April 20.

Forms are available here.

Convention Lodging

The deadline for the special convention rate for our block of rooms at the Renaissance Hotel was yesterday. However, I understand they still have a few rooms available, so call as soon as possible and ask if they still have rooms available for the Oklahoma Democratic Party Convention May 18-20. Call 405.228.8000.

We have identified some additional hotels and room rates in the area. Call us for more information at 405.427.3366.

Convention Tickets

The deadline for the Meal Deal for State Convention has been extended to the end of the month. All other tickets remain available through May 10th.

Please help us make appropriate plans by reserving your tickets as soon as possible.

The Meal Deal plan allows you to save $15.

A very limited number of tickets may be available at the convention. We fully expect to sell out the Activists Awards Hall of Fame Dinner by May 1st. Please make your reservations for this event today!

Table sponsorships are available and county parties are encouraged to participate in this event as a table sponsor. For more information call the ODP HQ at 405.427.3366.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

DNC Chairman Howard Dean to Keynote Convention

We are pleased to announce that Democratic National Committee Chairman Governor Howard Dean will keynote the first General Session of the 2007 Oklahoma Democratic Party State Convention Saturday, May 19th at the Bricktown Coca-Cola Event Center in Oklahoma City.

As Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Gov. Howard Dean is making the Democratic Party competitive in every race, in every district, in every state and territory, while integrating national and state party operations and standing up for Democrats' core values. His election to this post on February 12, 2005 is the most recent chapter in a life dedicated to shaping the future of the Democratic Party.

Most recently, after achieving national prominence in his bid for the Democratic nomination for president, Governor Dean founded Democracy for America in 2004 to build on the groundswell of support and the wave of new energy sweeping the Party. And since that time, Democracy for America has been working with the grassroots to elect fiscally responsible and socially progressive candidates to all levels of government -- local, state, and federal -- all over the country.

The breadth of Governor Dean's political experience has given him a unique perspective. He began his political career in the early 1980's as the Chittenden County (Vermont) Democratic Party chair. In 1983, Dean was elected to the Vermont House of Representatives. He was then elected lieutenant governor in 1986 and was re-elected in 1988 and 1990. He became Vermont's governor upon the death of Governor Richard A. Snelling on August 14, 1991.

Elected to a full term in November 1992, Governor Dean was re-elected four more times and created a record based on fiscally conservative principles that promoted equality and opportunity for all the citizens of Vermont. Under his leadership, Vermont paid down its debt and by 2001 enjoyed a $100 million surplus. Through his innovative health care plan, 96 percent of Vermont's children now have health care coverage and more than a third of Vermont's Medicare recipients receive state help in paying for their prescription drugs. His 'Success by Six' program ensures that more resources like day-care and home nurses are available to parents if they need them. And with strong support from Governor Dean, Vermont officials instituted an Interactive Learning Network that wired almost all the state's high schools, even in the most rural areas.

Governor Dean's successes prompted Governing magazine to proclaim him "Public Official of the Year" in 2002.

Dean's leadership roles also include turns as chairman of the National Governors' Association, the Democratic Governors' Association, and the New England Governors' Conference.

Before entering politics, Dean received a medical degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City in 1978. Upon completing his residency at the Medical Center Hospital of Vermont, he went on to practice internal medicine in Shelburne, Vermont.

He is married to Dr. Judy Steinberg and they have two children, Anne and Paul.

Activist Hall of Fame Nominations Due

Nominations for the Activist Hall of Fame Award are due tomorrow, April 20th.

You may nominate any Democrat who has demonstrated leadership as a grassroots organizer and activist. The ODP State Central Committee appointed a subcommittee to review the nominations and will make the final determination of this year's winners.

To nominate someone please use the form available here.

Meal Deal Deadline Extended

Due to popular demand we have extended the deadline for purchasing the Meal Deal for the State Convention to April 25th. You save $15 by purchasing the $85 Meal Deal that includes tickets for breakfast, lunch, and the Activist Awards Hall of Fame Reception and Dinner on Saturday, May 19th.

Order online through the box on this blog or call us at 405.427.3366.

We accept checks, VISA, and Mastercard.


We've sold out the original room block at the Renaissance Hotel and have added five more rooms. The deadline is today, so if you want to stay at the Renaissance for State Convention make your reservations today. After today the room rate cannot be guaranteed. When you call please tell them you are with the Oklahoma Democratic Party State Convention. You may also want to check on AAA, military and government rates. Call 405.228.8000.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Tickets Online

You can purchase your tickets for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the ODP Convention online using the secure form to the right of this blog.

You can also RSVP for the Friday night event, no charge, using this form.

If you prefer you can call us at 405.427.3366 to order tickets. We accept VISA, Mastercard and checks.

All transactions are considered contributions to the Oklahoma Democratic Party. Please make checks payable to the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

Your payment must be freely and voluntarily givent from your personal property. Federal law requires political committees to report the name, mailing adddress, occupation and name of your employer for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in a calendar year. State law requires reporting of contributions in excess of $50 or multiple contributions from a single source exceeding $50 in the aggregate in a calendar year.

Convention Meals

Our convention special "meal deal" offer is good through April 18th. You save $15 on breakfast, lunch and dinner for Saturday at the State Convention. Call 405.427.3366 today and order your tickets. The deal includes a ticket for the Activist Hall of Fame Awards Reception and Dinner Saturday, May 19th at the Cox Convention Center.

After April 18th dinner tickets are $75 each for open seating.

Table sponsorships are still available. Call 405.427.3366 for more information.

Convention Rooms

Rooms at the Renaissance Hotel, the official ODP State Convention Hotel are selling out fast. The deadline for the preferred rate is April 18th. (You may be able to use other discounts and get a better rate so don't hesitate to ask.) We sold out the first block this week but have expanded the block. If you haven't made reservations yet, please do so a.s.a.p.

Call 1 800 HOTELS-1 or 405.228.8000. Tell them you are with the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Reservations for State Convention

Make reservations now for the 2007 State Convention and Activist Awards Reception and Dinner. Call the ODP office at 405.427.3366 to make ticket arrangements as soon as possible. The special room rate and event ticket deal expires April 18th.

Breakfast tickets are $10; lunch tickets are $15. Activist Awards Reception and Dinner tickets are $75 each. We are offering a package deal for $85 -- saving you $15 if you purchase all three meal tickets together.

The official convention hotel is the Renaissance Hotel. Please find a Democratic roommate and make your reservations today! Call 1.800.HOTELS-1 or 405.228.8000. Don't forget to tell reservations that you are with the Oklahoma Democratic Party. The special room rate applies for both Friday and Saturday nights. These rooms won't last long so reserve yours today!

Our Friday night event is free for delegates and their guests at the Cox Convention Center from 7 to 10 p.m. The ODP is providing light appetizers with the cash bar. Live music by Hart and Soul will entertain us throughout the evening. Please let us know if you plan to attend this event by calling the ODP HQ at 405.427.3366.

State Convention Delegate Deadlines

State Convention Delegate? Deadlines Approaching

If you are a delegate to the ODP State Convention it's time NOW to make your reservations and order your tickets for the special events planned during the convention.

The ODP has a block of rooms reserved at The Renaissance Hotel which will be released after April 18th. Please make your reservations now for State Convention. Call The Renaissance at 405.228.8000. Please tell reservations you are attending the ODP State Convention.

For more information about lodging contact the ODP at 405.427.3366.

Tickets for the other events and the Activists Award Reception and Dinner are also available through the ODP. Please call 405.427.3366.

Convention and table sponsorships are available. Call 405.427.3366.

For more information about the convention click here.